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Contact Us
St. Clare Walker Middle School
P.O. Box 9
6814 General Puller Highway
Locust Hill, VA 23092
(804) 758-2561
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Elizabeth Sanders, Principal
Dustin Harris, Administrative Dean

Office Hours: 7:45AM-4:00PM
School Hours: 8:15AM-3:15PM

8th Grade Yearbook Ad Program

27 days ago

St. Clare Walker Middle School invites 8th grade parents and guardians to place a personal message to an 8th grader in the 2019-2020 SCW Yearbook! By submitting an ad in the yearbook, you are able to tell your 8th grader a special message to keep with them always. **ALL ADS DUE BY FRIDAY, MARCH 20th!**

Ad specifications & rates:

1/8 Page Ad: 1 photo allowed, $15.00

1/4 Page Ad: 2 photos allowed, $25.00

1/2 Page Ad: 3 photos allowed, $50.00

Full Page Ad: 4 photos allowed, $100.00

Complete ad form

Forms were sent home with report cards last week. Additional forms can be found in the SCW main office or printed from this page. Payment must be turned in at the same time as the completed ad form.

Send in pictures!

Baby pictures, funny pictures, memories, galore! Pictures can be emailed or brought in to be scanned!

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