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School to Watch

Redesignated in 2016

St. Clare Walker Middle School was redesignated as a School to Watch in 2016.  Originally designated in 2010, schools must re-apply every three years for this honor.  SCW received the Redesignation I in 2013 and Redesignation II in 2016. The Schools to Watch initiative was started by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform in 1999 to improve education for middle school students in the United States.

School to Watch logo

Schools to Watch are judged on three criteria: academic excellence, social equity, and developmental responsiveness. All award-winning middle schools including St. Clare Walker set high academic expectations for each student, pushing them to excel and focus on skills that will lead to success in college and career. Each individual student learns in a fair, democratic atmosphere with high-quality faculty members dedicated to supporting the education process. Dr. Tracy Seitz, the faculty, and the staff members are also aware of the exceptional developmental hurdles faced by adolescents and address them with support, knowledge, and caring attitudes.

St. Clare Walker achieves high levels of success in the three judged criteria by outlining and following certain educational structures that focus on each student’s individual needs. Remediation and enrichment are provided immediately when an academic need is identified. Weaknesses are addressed, strengths are encouraged, and students strive for greater success than they’ve hoped for in the past.
St. Clare Walker School Facade
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